Monday, November 24, 2008

13 Rules to follow to ensure that you live in Abundance

1) We begin to ask ourselves questions like “why should I even set goals?” Stop asking. Spiritual beings are designed for growth. Goals are essential if we are to experience growth.
2) Your personal values don’t support your goal. If your goal requires activity that goes against your core values you will not act on the goal.
3) Your goal is not your own. So many of us allow someone else’s dreams to infringe on our own dreams. You cannot be passionate about someone else’s goal for you.
4) You must be passionate about your goal. If you are not passionate about it then you’ll likely find that the effort required to achieve the goal is too great and you’ll abandon the goal.
5) The goal is not worth while enough to take the risk. You must truly yearn for the goal. However, most people would rather play it safe. They become consumed by the desire to make it safely to their grave!
6) You don’t know which goal to focus on first. Again it is critical that you choose the RIGHT goal. List your goals and then rank them according to importance.
7) Trying to achieve too many goals at once. Really get clarity surrounding this goal .Your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at time. Making your goal definite makes it more powerful.
8) Not painting a crystal clear picture. Saying that you want more is not enough. If your picture is fuzzy, so will be your results. Confusion in your mind causes confusion in your life. Crystallizing your goal in your mind and then holding that image with your will is a learned skill.
9) We live our lives with self imposed limiting beliefs. Beliefs that, for the most part, say that we just might fail. It must be understood that this conditioning CAN be replaced.
10) Bad Attitude. Attitude is a combination of your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions. Remember, you are responsible for shaping your own life and most of your life is shaped by your attitude. Funny though, most folks can’t even agree on the same definition of what attitude is. How can we change or control it if we can’t clearly define it?
11) Failure to implement. A goal without a plan is really only a dream or a wish, not a goal. Timing this step incorrectly can be detrimental to the goal achieving process. Most folks will not implement because they can’t see all of the steps. Acting on the steps you can see now is the only way to reveal the next steps! Execution without a completed plan is far better than the most complete plan and without any execution.
12) Most quit too soon. It has been observed that most people quit without realizing just how close they were to their goal. Understanding the universal laws that surround this fact and faith in the process is critical.
13) Failure to measure progress and make adjustments. If you never measure then you will never know if you are on target. Often you will need to make adjustments in your plan, level of commitment or your timeline. You have to know where you are starting from and be clear where you are going to.

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Adam Sicinski said...

The rule that resonates with me is #12. There is abolutely no doubt in my mind that many of us have all been right on the very edge of achieving our goals. However, for one reason or another we suddenly decide to change our minds and walk in another direction. So close, yet so far. It's definitely a place full of regrets and shallow emotional experiences.

Overall you make some very good a valid points, that will no doubt lead to an abundant life if followed to the letter.